Namaste and welcome! Dakini Temple is a directory of unique facilitators & an online sanctuary dedicated to the modern tantra-inspired path. Our calendar features unique workshops, retreats, private instruction, and special events on an ongoing basis.

We hold the intention of making these precious teachings and gatherings consistently accessible and relevant for our modern existence. We seek to contribute to an ecstatic, harmonious, yogic, sustainable, and healthy culture. Our community of facilitators cultivates a welcoming, inclusive, and non-dogmatic approach.

Dakini Temple kula facilitators have collectively gathered knowledge and experience from a multitude of traditions including Tibetan Buddhism, Non-Dual Tantric Shaivism and Shaktism, the Sri-Vidya, hatha yoga, shamanism, and sacred Temple Dance traditions. Some events feature very traditional approaches, other events are evolving modern fusions inspired by tantric roots.

Dakini Temple first emerged in 2004 as a private location in San Francisco where intimate community teachings and events were held. The physical space has been released, and the teachings and teachers are being shared more broadly. Featured kula teachers are traveling across the world to share their offerings. The inclusive urban haven that was Dakini Temple continues to inspire this site and the calendar of unique offerings.

Dakini Temple facilitators are often available for sponsored teachings, events, and consultations – in private homes, yoga studios, and retreat centers. Please inquire with individual facilitators on the KULA page.

The word tantra has many colorful connotations in the West. Authentic tantra yoga does indeed infuse yogic awareness into relationships, intimacy, and passionate energy, yet these points are only a few elements of a much broader path. Tantra yoga engages ALL aspects of human life and consciousness: dharma (purpose), artha (wealth), kama (love), and moksha (liberation).

The teachings offered on the calendar are appropriate for novice level practitioners, beneficial to seasoned practitioners, and suitable for the public in general. We intend to provide a safe, grounded, respectful learning space.

Explore the site to become familiar with our offerings and visit the calendar to view scheduled workshops.

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We highly encourage ongoing participation, community connection, and dedicated personal practice over a long period of time to truly experience the greatest benefit, yet occasional or single visits are always welcome.


May All Beings Everywhere Be Unconditionally Happy & Free!


“Bast’s class was so wonderful, here’s why: your combination of heat-building asana and restorative poses was divine. and your voice – sweet as an angel and totally present and energized – was *hypnotic*. I also loved the way you wove philosophy & academic yoga with the physical. that was my favorite! plus, as i had already mentioned – the trust you cultivated allowed me to totally flow with the experience and shut my mind off. The music was perfect, it supported the energy of the class without being distracting.”
- C a r o l y n C o h e n
AcroYoga & Yoga Teacher * Bodyworker *  Acupuncturist

“My partner and I each had private sessions with Bast. They were one part therapy, one part breath-work and one part magic. Bast holds space for your experience and progress in a way that no other practitioner, I have seen, does. I am actively involved in Yoga and Ayurveda, so Tantra was a natural progression for me. After our sessions, Bast brought us together to teach us a single meditation. The session was wonderful. Both my partner and I felt deeply listened to and not the least bit judged. I would¬† highly recommend Bast’s workshops and Private coaching sessions to anyone seeking a tangible approach to growing spiritually with their partner, and for learning compassionate communication. I have also attended a Yoga workshop with Bast, which was deeply therapeutic, sensual and blissful. No Matter what service I have had with Bast, the ultimate experience I leave with is one of Bliss.”
- Andrea Shuman LMT/ABT

“Bast is one of my favorite master teachers who embodies the radiant connection to her own bliss. She brings gems of insight and tools that can assist you in embodying your own blissful nature, to energize and satiate you from within so that you, too, can inspire through bliss rather than recurring patterns of pain.”
- Bella Shing, Notable Teacher & Founder of the Manifesting My Beloved programs

“I highly recommend her as a tantra teacher. She is a real gem and so are her teachings which are authentic and hard to find anywhere. She truly transmits the energy of a genuine Goddess Tantric Modern Day Lineage. Ladies please do join me for this! I am also considering attending the Red Tantra for Two Workshop if i can. Everything Bast is offering will be wonderful i am sure and not to be missed!”
- Amber St. Germain
Prayer-formance, Bellydance, and Ritual
Ecstatic Yoga and Dance Playshops
Relationship, Sexuality, and Health Coaching
Tantric Doula- Prenatal, Labor, Postpartum



“SF Weekly Best Of” Winner – Best Tantric Yoga Teacher, 2005.
Written by Katy St. Clair.

“Eye Gazing Parties Catch On In Bay Area.” Article by Lisa Hix.
San Francisco Chronicle


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