AutumnMontage-1Amber St. Germain

Amber St. Germain is a Relationship and Sexuality Coach, a Prayer-formance Artist, and Ecstatic Embodiment Specialist. She has been a practicing yogini for many years and has studied and practiced Tantra passionately for the last five. Her studies with many diverse schools of Tantra include Ipsalu Tantra, Agama Tantra Yoga, and Daniel Odier, to name a few. She is trained in communication practices such as Compassionate Communication and Imago Therapy, and is a Certified Divine Bliss Couples Coach and Cuddle Party Facilitator.

Amber is currently based out of Northern California, for her teaching and healing practice. She also performs locally and abroad with The Tantric Circus, a collective of artists and Erotic Educators. She works in collaboration with many different artists to create alternative inspirational media. Recently she has prayer-formed with Oracle Gatherings, and starred in Femme a Femme Erotic Massage Instructional Video, and Return to the Source Visionary Art Film. Amber creates play-shops on Tantra Yoga and Ecstatic Bellydance, as well as Cuddle parties, and Tantric Pujas. She teaches The Art of Union for couples, Female Sexual Empowerment, Communication and Touch Skills, Tantra yoga, and Tantric Ceremony for everyone. In addition, she does private coaching in person or by phone for individuals and couples to create more connection, effective communication, and to assist all of humanity to reach our full potential as Embodied Ecstatic and Orgasmic Beings. Amber is devoted to Midwifing an Evolutionary new Presence of Relationship, Sexuality, and Humanity on Earth.

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