bio-kalideviKali Devi

Holistic Massage Therapist and Goddess of the Sensual Arts

I offer several modalities of therapeutic and sacred holistic sensual bodywork in service to men, women and couples. Therapeutic modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone therapy and Vibrational Healing Therapy. These, combined with intuitive Tantra Yoga, breathwork, and bodywork will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and pleasured beyond words….

I welcome you into my private sanctuary, offering you a mind and body altering experience, awakening your sensuality, helping you become conscious of the connection between physical and spiritual body. I encourage you to take deep relaxing breaths to assist your body into a state of complete bliss and surrender.

I am a certified Holistic Massage Therapist and a devoted Tantric Practitioner. I am a passionate Dakini, yet a gentle teacher. I have always been drawn to sensual connection and healing, which has led me now to this most amazing and benevolent service. It is my intention to create a space of loving and compassionate energy, free from judgment and expectation. Whether you are coming to me for simple stress and tension release or an intensive mentoring relationship, I hold you each in the highest regard.

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