Nouveau Devadasi: Fusion Temple Dance Festival
Friday October 14th – Sunday October 16th 2011
San Francisco, CA

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3 days/ 10 workshops & 2 Evenings of Performance

$251 after August 15th
*Limited to 42 students.
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Register for the directly through the calendar at up until 9am Friday Oct. 14th

UPDATE: Currently room for 10 walk-in participants with cash tuition.

Evening performance tickets
$10 in advance/ $15 at the door (space permitted)
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October 14th Teachers’ Performance here.
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All Workshops and Performances Held @ TwinSpace Continuum
2111 Mission Street @ 17th St.
3rd Floor, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94110

10 workshops
with these master teachers and 2 evenings of performance celebrating traditional, fusion, and modern forms of Temple dance, movement-prayer, and ritual theater. Explore the history, dance techniques, sacred teachings, and secret yogas of Temple Dance. Benefit for The Moving Mandala non-profit to bring much needed fresh water to the Tibetan community in Ladakh, India.
Photo above of Tenley Wallace by Derick Ion.

Performance photography and performance video packages available! See details here.

Featured Teachers

Tenley Wallace
Miriam Peretz
Revital Carroll
Cera Byer &
Aradia Julia Sunseri
Amber St. Germain
Paige Lawrence
Bast &
Katy Alaniz

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Festival Schedule

*Teacher bios & workshop descriptions below.
*Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for all workshops and performances.

Friday October 14th
2:30pm-4pm  Bast
Opening Circle, The Inner Yoga of Temple Dance

& Ecstatic Movement Meditation
4:30pm-6pm  Tenley Wallace

Temple Tribal Bellydance Fusion

8:30pm-10:30pm  Teachers’ Performance

Saturday October 15th
10am-11:30am  Paige Lawrence
Performance Alchemy: Integrating Personality & Spirit in Dance
12pm-1:30pm  Revital Carroll

Intro to Odissi Dance:
The Tantric and Yogic Roots of Indian Temple Dance
2:30pm-4pm  Aradia Julia Sunseri

Ritual Movement Arts
4:30pm-6pm  Amber St. Germain

Tantric Bellydance

Tea Compression: Official Party of the Festival
See all details & RSVP here.
Before 8pm: $15 / Before 9pm: $20 / After 9pm: $25
*Purchased separately, not included in festival ticket price.
Historic Sweet’s Ballrom
1933 Broadway
Oakland, CA

Sunday October 16th
10am-11:30am  Katy Alaniz
Circle Asia:
Kathak (North Indian classical dance), Chinese folk/classical, and Tibetan Fusion
12pm-1:3opm  Revital Carroll

Odissi Inspired: Temple Goddess Dance
2:30pm-4pm  Miriam Peretz

Persian Mystical Dance & the Art of Turning
4:30pm-6pm  Cera Byer

World Fusion Contemporary

Student Performance Salon & Vending Bazaar

Open sign up for ALL festival students.
5 min performance limit please.

Teacher Bios & Workshop Descriptions


Bast was initiated at 17 years of age by her root teacher, ShoShanna Rose, a cross-cultural mystic carrying teachings and initiations from Tibetan Buddhist tantra, Indian Sakta-tantra, ancient Middle Eastern & Indian sacred dance, as well as Native-American, Sufi, and Pagan spiritual traditions. ShoShanna danced with the Tara Dhatu, a lineage of sacred feminine dance newly protected as a vehicle for liberation under Tibetan Buddhism.

ShoShanna taught fusion bellydance along with it’s most sacred traditional functions: spiritual empowerment, womens’ dance circles, birth yoga, and “temple dance,” i.e. dance infused with prayer and intention to fertilize culture and awaken consciousness. ShoShanna transmitted the essence of the awakened Divine Feminine and encouraged her path as a tantra yoga practitioner, teacher, healer, priestess, ritual artist, and modern temple dancer.

Bast began a passionate exploration of hatha yoga in 1993, studying different forms in depth including Vini, Kundalini, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Raja, and Yin. In 2004 she completed the Interdisciplinary Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Nosara Yoga Institute. In 2006 received initiation and began deeper studies with Adi Sakthi Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi & Swami Shanmuga of the Sri-Vidya sakta tantra tradition, who gave her the name Sri Bhavatharini and bless her emerging teaching work. In 2010 she completed the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training through Katchie Ananda.

Bast offers teachings in Ksham Tantra Yoga and in Fusion Temple Dance. She integrates artistry into her yoga teachings and yogic awareness in dance.

Opening Circle, The Inner Yoga of Temple Dance & Ecstatic Movement Meditation

The festival opens ceremoniously as we create a sacred container for the entire weekend. Bast will guide an opening meditation followed by the yogas of Temple Dance: hatha yoga asana warm-up, inner kundalini yoga, pranayam (breathwork), mindfulness practice, “slaying the ego,” sankalpa or intention-setting, and deity yoga – offering the self to be a sacred vessel for a specific energy. The ancient roots of the dance are invoked: inner yoga for birth & vitality, feminine sacred circle, movement-prayer, and temple performance. Students are prepared for the weekend of intense study in this workshop by first unleashing our unique, spontaneous dance expression and natural body intelligence via a guided ecstatic free-style movement meditation through the subtle body, elements, chakras, and deities.

Tenley Wallace

Tenley Wallace is the original visionary and current creative director for The Moving Mandala. Her dance is based on tribal belly dance, with a distinctive modern fusion of traditional sacred dance forms and traditional teachings of the Wisdom Dakinis of her Tibetan Buddhist lineage. She has also integrated various chi gung vitality practices with a focus on women’s health into to her dance and yoga teachings. She creates a synergy of these modalities along with her studies of the sacred feminine to develop the content of her workshops. In 2000, she launched her private fashion and costume label, Thinley Wangmo, with the intention to merge traditional costume designs and textiles with modern functionality and style. She has presented her work as a performer, teacher, and garment designer throughout the world including Canada, Japan, India, Egypt, Turkey, and Europe.

Her innate mission is as an ambassador of the old world with the new by sharing the importance and richness of the planet’s traditional cultures to those of the modern.  She believes that in order to survive in a diverse and healthy world, we must allow the ancient traditions of this planet to thrive, and receive their wisdom as guides for this rapidly shifting and unprecedented era. It seems clear that we need to ask traditional communities how the resource rich West can help them to continue surviving amidst the infringing modern world, while we encourage and celebrate them to continue with their original practices and beliefs.

Dance of the Wisdom Dakinis

Journey through the Lineages of Sacred Dance, arriving to the phenomenal realm of the Wisdom Dakinis, Tibetan Buddhism’s Archetypal Female Buddhas. This presentation of Temple Tribal Fusion offers an experience of the ancient Gypsy Trail starting in India, through Central Asia, into the Middle East, across North Africa, up to Spain, culminating in the Bay Area. The intention is to experience merging these lineages into a seamless, modern expression of Sacred Dance, and true embodiment of the Sacred Feminine.

Paige Lawrence

Paige Lawrence first fell in love with Belly Dance watching John Compton and the Habhi Ru at the Northern California Renaissance Faire in the late-1980s and early 1990s.  After 10 years as the singer for industrial-metal band Black Snake Moan he attended Tribal Fest in 2007 and started taking belly dance classes with every instructor he could including Keri Langwell, Rachel Brice, Ariellah, Cera Byer, Jill Parker and Jamila Salimpour.

Today Paige is one of the Bay Area’s premiere male fusion belly dancers and has been performing regularly since 2008.  In addition to dancing, Paige is a trained Shaman in the Native American Tradition of the American Southwest and a lifelong performer, appearing onstage for the first time at the tender age of 4 with the Oakland Ballet.

In 2011 Paige officially launched a new music and dance project entitled Her Undulating Scales.  The project’s first album of original music “The Trail of Hearts” is available now at:

Performance Alchemy: Integrating Personality & Spirit in Dance

In the world of Fusion Belly Dance anything goes and creating your own interpretation of the style can be intimidating.  This workshop is about bringing theatricality, personality and spirit into your dance pieces and seamlessly integrating who you are with how you dance so that every performance is something new and personal.  This session will focus on combining all of your faculties to bring the most energy and vitality to your dance performances.

There will be a combination of warm-up & conditioning techniques for belly dance; a short drilling practice and a class discussion/practice on performance technique.  We will discuss the 7 points of a dynamic performance (Technique, Music, Musicality, Costume, Makeup, Intention and The Audience) and practice methods for integrating everything from your feelings, to your music, to your technique and look into one cohesive whole.

Revital Carroll

In 1991, the intensity of her spiritual longing pulled her to India where, at last, she found her spiritual home and  heritage.  Under the tutelage of accomplished teachers and yogis, she undertook intensive studies in Yoga, meditation, and classical Indian Dance. She has been a devoted student of Yoga and sacred dance ever since.

In 1996, Revital fell in love with Odissi Dance at Konark Natya Mandap in Orissa, India. Since then, she has enjoyed the rare opportunity to study under the direct tutelage of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, Guru Bichitrananda Swain, Guru Aruna Mohanti, and other esteemed masters of Odissi Dance. She maintains a regular dance practice, and makes frequent trips to India to study with some of India’s most accomplished dance teachers.

Revital experiences and views Odissi as a powerful Yoga practice, a true Yoga Dance that connects body and spirit, and can deliver the dancer and audience into pure Divine Presence. It is due to this insight that Revital is especially passionate about sharing this ancient temple dance with students and audiences who feel a spiritual calling.

Revital has taught Yoga and Dance in Israel, Europe, India and U.S.A. In 1999 she moved to Northern California where she taught extensively, directed two Yoga studios, and served for two years as Yoga Director of the Body-Mind-Spirit Conference in Santa Clara. She moved in 2005 to Prescott, AZ where she was the co-owner, with her husband Cain Carroll, of Yoga Shala for 4 years. she is currently back in Santa Cruz County, CA, sharing her love of Dance, Yoga, and nature. Revital travels internationally to perform and teach Odissi Dance and Shakti Yoga. She is available for booking performances, workshops and retreats in Yoga and dance.

Intro to Odissi Dance: The Tantric and Yogic Roots of Indian Temple Dance

Odissi is a devotional dance form originating in the temples of ancient India. Curvaceous movements, sculptured poses, fluid grace, theatrical expression, and impeccable rhythm characterize this vibrant art. This workshop introduces the fundamental principles of Odissi Dance, including its distinctive torso, eye, and neck movements, and the two dance positions, Chouka and Tribhangi, representing the male and female principles. Instruction in traditional hand mudras, rhythmic foot work, and the unique quality of devotional expression will be included. This teaching will include some verbal transmission on the tantric and yogic roots of this beautiful Indian Temple Dance.

Odissi Inspired: Temple Goddess Dance

Enjoy this fusion of Indian Dance and Tantric Yoga to awaken your inner Goddess!
This teachings includes traditional Odissi drills in an easier, more creative format than classical dance. Yoga postures are incorporated with fluid and rhythmic movement performed to the sounds of world rhythms. Come and explore new dimensions of fitness, natural beauty, vitality and joy. This sequence of innovative moves will enliven your body, seduce your heart and empower you with the magnetism of a temper dancer.

Aradia Julia Sunseri

Aradia is a devoted temple dancer and teacher. She has studied many genres of dance including Tribal fusion belly dance, modern, fire dance, ballet and butoh as well as dance therapy and theatrical improvisation. Aradia approaches performance as an extension of her theater & visual arts background. She delivers spellbinding choreography resonating and honoring nature with the magic of storytelling. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance, creating all costumes to reflect the symbolic nature of the performance piece each its own offering.

Aradia has performed at many music & arts festivals. She has performed With D.J’s, Musicians & Artists such as Zen Arts, Atmosphere, Faith & the Muse, Lucent Dossier, Chebb i Sabbah, David Starfire, The Mutaytor, Anahata Sound, Andrew Jones, Random Rab, Myth Makers,  Bad Unkle Sista, and many more artists & international art collectives. Aradia performs as a soloist and collaborates performances throughout Europe and the USA. In 2005 Aradia & Lucretia Renee Co founded Serpentine  ‘Temple dancers of the serpent mythos’ Dark Tribal/Butoh Belly Dance Troupe. Creating vivid ritual performance art.
In 2009 & 2010 Serpentine joined creative forces w/ Faith & The Muse. Drawing inspiration from Shinto mythology butoh, gothic, and tribal culture.

As a certified yoga instructor she combined her creativity & passion for the arts to share her devotional practice. She actively studies several forms of yoga, sacred temple dance, tribal fusion belly dance, art therapy, healing modalities, magic, esoteric myths & eastern mysticism.

Ritual Movement Arts

Is a combination of  yoga & tribal fusion belly dance. Focusing on dancing from the core and opening the body with yogic principles to deepen your connection to your dance. Tune in with your inner goddess and the art of storytelling through the eyes, hips, and enchanting accents. Deepen your presence and your fluidity with slinky theatrical moves, intricate mudras & choreography.

Ritual Movement Arts (RMA) workshops are an innovative blend of Hatha Yoga and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. RMA founder and instructor, Aradia Sunseri, has developed a blend of techniques that focuses on creative self-expression, core strength, sensuality, and sacred movement. The yogic practice enables participants to dive deeper into their dance and gain an overall sense of peace.

Amber St Germain

Amber is a life long yogini and dancer and has studied various diverse forms since her early teens. She studied Modern Dance in college and has danced and toured with several popular bellydance and performing arts troupes. She has been a featured performer at numerous events, festivals, and restaurants. Her diverse studies in dance include Ballet, Modern, African, and Flamenco, in addition to Cabaret and Tribal styles of Bellydance.

Amber spent nearly a decade as a devoted Kundalini
Yogini. She was also an active participant in the Tribal Electronic Music and Dance movement for many years. Amber has helped co-create large theatrical ritual prayer-formances and events with spiritual and environmental themes including as part of The Reclaiming Movement and The Oracle Gatherings Collective.  She has been inspired by ecstatic dance journeys with Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms as well as various tantric lineages.

She currently resides in Ashland Oregon where she is completing a graduate degree in Clinical and Somatic (body-based) Therapy. Her passion is empowering others to access wisdom from within. Amber weaves her unique background and expertise in traditional dance forms like Bellydance with tantric, ecstatic, and shamanic practices. Dance has always been her personal practice for accessing ecstasy and union with the universe. Find out more about her offerings at

Tantric Bellydance

Tantric Bellydance is primarily a weaving of Bellydance technique, Tantric Dance modalities, and Tantric Lineages such as Ipsalu Tantra and Kashmiri Shiva Dance. It is a Temple Dance form that works with Goddess & Priestess energy as well Dakinis and other archetypal images accessed from within. In this “playshop” you will be guided to connect with your core authentic expression and journey deep into the internal landscape of the sacred feminine. We will warm up with various tantric yogas and our experience will culminate in a prayerful tantric trance dance in which you will have the opportunity to both witness and participate.

Katy Alaniz

Katy Alaniz is a San Francisco native who, over the last quarter century, has studied over 30 forms of cultural dance in addition to ballet (10 yrs. SF Ballet Scholarship student), modern, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. She attended high schools of the arts in San Francisco and Los Angeles, expanded her study of cultural dance with Chitresh Das (Kathak of India), Michelle Martin (Afro-Haitian), the late Malonga Casquelourd (Congolese), Vladimir Riasantsev (Russian Character), El Farruquito (Flamenco), and Juana Amaya (Flamenco) and received her BA in 2000 from UCLA. Katy has danced with Deli Ritmo Flamenco Company, Mora Reyna, Ballet Afsaneh (Central Asian), Nai-Ni Chen (Chinese), Mirwa Sacre, the first Haitian Vodou tour in the United States, among others. In 1996, World Dance Fusion (Katy’s style) was created as a result of her upbringing in the rich multi-cultural dance community of the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2001 Katy’s dance company, also called World Dance Fusion, premiered Too Late for Hip-Hop as the first dance work to be shown at the Canvas art gallery in San Francisco. Since then, her work has been shown at Bombay National Gallery of Modern Art, Peak Center for Performing Arts in New Jersey, Asociación Cultural Antigua de Sevilla, Tribeca performing Arts center, Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open, Z-Gallery, The Palace of Fine Arts, Theater Artaud, Santa Clara Convention Center, Dance Mission Theater, and The Alambra in Lahore, Pakistan, among others.In 2007 Katy was invited by the US government to be an ambassador for dance. Her choreography has received support from: TATA tea (India), The United Nations, The William and Flora Hewlet Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Government of Pakistan among others. Her biggest accomplishment is her son Amitai who is 3 now.

Circle Asia

This workshop will tie in Katy’s full body World Dance Fusion warm-up that integrates her twenty plus years of training in over 30 styles of cultural dance. Emphasis is placed on body awareness (for injury prevention) and isolation technique (to access any style of dance). Styles focused on in this workshop will include Kathak (North Indian classical dance), Chinese folk/classical and Tibetan (Schwen -tze). We will explore circles and fluidity of movement across these forms.

Miriam Peretz

Miriam Peretz is an internationally acclaimed performing artist and instructor specializing in both traditional dances from the Silk Road and the Middle East as well as contemporary and Sacred forms.  She has been a featured soloist with numerous dance companies, both in the U.S. and abroad.  Miriam was a principle dancer with Inbal Ethnic Dance company of Israel, and is currently the assistant artistic director, choreographer and principle dancer of Ballet Afsaneh Central Asian dance company based in the Bay Area, California.  Miriam’s love of dance has led her on a life long journey that has taken her throughout the Middle –East and Central Asia, where she studied with master teachers.  Her extensive travels have given her great inspiration to use the arts as a way of bridging between people of different cultural and spiritual traditions, and also as a pathway for personal growth and healing. Miriam is also the director of “The Miriam’s Well Project,” an interfaith performance collaboration that made its world premiere November, 2008.

Mystical Persian Dance & The Art of Whirling

Dances inspired by the Silk Road, Persian Classical “Art” dance and the Sufi whirling tradition.  A journey in creating devotional dances through music, poetry and heart.

This workshop is an innovative approach to creating dances inspired by Persian and Central Asian styles infused with contemporary movement.  With whirling at the core of these dances, we will explore different ways to move through space in circles and spirals.  Incorporating elements of focused breath-work, whirling practices and sacred rituals we will draw inspiration from beautiful Sufi poetry to create personally meaningful and interpretative dances.

*please bring socks or dance shoes and if you are inspired, a poem.

Cera Byer

Cera Byer (choreographer/director) holds a degree in Dance from SFSU and has taught at high schools, studios, workshops, and retreats around the US and abroad. Her technical approach comes from continuing exhaustive exploration into Graham, Horton, and Dunham techniques, alongside Kathak, Persian, Bellydance, Hip Hop, Funk, and Afro-Caribbean traditions, but her choreography is anything but a dry academic approach to fusion. Cera’s work has been called “a hot sweaty tribute that will have audiences and dancers alike moving and moved by the material”, and “organic evolving studies into the biospheres of human emotion.” Cera owns and operates Shoebox Studio in San Francisco and is the founder and director of Damage Control Dance Theater.

World Fusion Contemporary

This contemporary dance class blends movement from all over the world into a contemporary movement base, fusing eastern and western techniques and traditions. The warm ups and choreographies we employ will challenge dancers to move their bodies in many different ways – taking up space, exploring gravity, traveling, moving from the internal to the external fluidly, following impulse, testing our memory and dexterity. this class is meant to be challenging, fun, and exhilarating for dancers of every level.

General Info

~Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that is suitable for dance and yoga.
~Arrive 10 minutes early to each class please.
~Bring a yoga mat if you have one.
~Bring a spill-proof bottle of water, notebook and writing utensil.
~No cameras or recording devices in teachings please.
~Tuition includes all workshops and performances. Accommodations and meals not included.

Photography Options

Get high-quality and spirited images of your live performance at the student salon through the official festival photographer, Ariana Cosmos,

$50 for 3 edited high-res images
$100 for 8 edited high-res images

You will have an opportunity to register for your photography package on October 14th, the first day of the festival. Cash, check, money order, or paypal options will be available.

Videography Options

Get high-quality and spirited video documentation of your performance at the student salon through the official festival photographer, Karla Claudio Betancourt. View an example of her live performance filming and editing here.

$60 for basic documentation, no editing
$80 for deluxe documentation, editing included

You will have an opportunity to register for your video documentation package on October 14th, the first day of the festival. Cash, check, or money order options will be available.

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